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Collaborative communication is more important than ever to the success of corporate operations. As your business becomes more complex, you must strategically respond to changes as they arise. Many organisations have already experienced significant successful business outcomes by removing old, stand-alone communication systems. They have moved forward with integrated voice and collaboration solutions that guarantee effective internal and external communications.

Our solutions help you create modern work environments and gain an edge over the competition in these times of increasing digitisation. Our proven technologies provide ongoing cost control, optimise communication processes, increase your attractiveness as an employer, enhance communication effectiveness, give you permanent access to real-time information, and allow you to manage all devices. At Ri1, we will support you throughout your digital transformation journey, not only technical delivery but also ensuring successful user adoption for your maximised ROI.

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Our Voice & Collaboration portfolio at a glance:

  • + Team Collaboration – efficient communication is increasingly the key to successful and responsive operations. As your business becomes more complex, your corporate structures must respond effectively to changes as they arise.
  • + Collaboration Endpoints – streamline communications and enhance mobile productivity with collaboration on ANY device;
  • + Conferencing – providing the tools and processes to empower your teams to collaborate and build on each other’s ideas, visions and strategies;
  • + Customer Care – Gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” contact centres. You expect faster responses, personalised service and increased availability. You want service when and how they need it. Personalised care is now the rule, not the exception;
  • + R1i Customer Success Adoption & Continuous Improvement