Cisco Wireless Experts

Cisco Wireless Experts

The business value achievable from Wireless LAN (WiFi) deployments is obvious with wireless access becoming critical to improve productivity and support the increasingly mobile aspect of business operations. The technology has advanced to a point where wireless networking can deliver access services on par with traditionally wired ports, at a much-reduced cost and a huge improvement in agility. The value and outcomes possible for many organisations extend well beyond providing traditional connectivity for your users.

Providing users and guests with solid, fast and secure wireless access is now a fundamental function of any organisational network. Ensuring the right users and devices can connect easily while ensuring access is correctly restricted is the challenge for organisations of all sizes today.  At R1i, we can help you design, implement and manage your secure wireless connectivity and help you understand how you can gain additional value from your investment.

In This Section

Our Wireless portfolio at a glance:

  • + Internal, external, public, private and converged wireless LAN delivery
  • + ‘Wireless first’ initiatives for Greenfield builds
  • + Secure OT and IT convergence over wireless
  • + BYOD and Secure Access, authentication and management
  • + Surveying, optimisation and remediation
  • + Manufacturing, logistics & warehouse solutions
  • + Health, hospital and education specific solutions
  • + High density, high throughput and latency sensitive deployments
  • + Specialised retail wireless with location services, analytics and guest engagement
  • + Public WiFi consultancy and delivery
  • + IoT Connectivity (converged IT/OT wireless)