Engineering Excellence


We focus on outcomes, not products. We measure ourselves on business improvements, not appliances.


We invest in our people, our partners, our customers and most importantly, our community. We invest our time, our expertise, our experience, and our Intellectual property, to ensure we fnd the best answers to the most challenging situations.


We are not another clone integrator, regurgitating the same ‘value-add’ vendor statements over and over again. We think different, we act different, and we make a difference for our customers. We aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions (of you and ourselves) to ensure we solve your business.


We are a diverse bunch with amazing and
complimentary skillsets. Our people have the
experience and expertise of helping hundreds of
businesses adapt, transform and grow. Our team are
experts at using innovation,
analytics and automation to deliver predictive
services that solve problems before they
impact your business, allowing you to
seize every opportunity.

We Make The Complex Simple And The Simple Compelling


We Live And Breathe CISCO

R1i engineers are regarded as the most highly skilled and experienced Cisco specialists in WA. R1i engineers hold the highest level of certifcation in the complete suite of Cisco’s architecture, including DevOps. These Cisco certifed, experienced and highly motivated engineers have assisted us in becoming Cisco’s largest and most awarded WA based partner. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, the team of experts have backgrounds in major enterprise environments such as Government (Dept of Health), Mining (BHP), Energy (Western Power), Media (WA News), etc.

R1i Xperts have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their respective areas of expertise.
As highly experienced Cisco engineers and experts in their chosen IT field, we deliver uncompromising value-add service with emphasis on service delivery, quality and professionalism. R1i is uniquely positioned to manage end-to-end capabilities by utilising the skills and experience of our specialised engineering team.


We hold the highest certifications in all Cisco disciplines. Our Engineers are proven experts and trusted by some of the biggest organisations in WA.

The Customer Xperience Centre showcases the key role that technology plays in transforming your business for success in today’s digital world.

During your visit, you will experience interactive demonstrations that showcases Cisco’s innovative solutions, and how they are solving some of the most challenging issues. You will also see Cisco’s vision of how technology will transform business in the future.

A customised Xperience

Prior to your arrival, a dedicated program manager will craft customised agenda based on your business objectives. R1i and Cisco subject matter experts will then prepare ubsequent demonstrations targeted at addressing your specifc business challenges

Subject matter experts

Benefit from working with the most highly skilled and experienced technologists.

Benefit from their experience and lessons learnt from using, designing, deploying, and managing IT based business solutions for some of the most demanding environments.

Hands-on demonstrations

A personalised
immersive experience.

The Customer Experience Centre provides an environment where you can use the latest technology, explore its merits and evaluate it in a real world; providing you the insight, clarity and confidence to make an informed decision.

Latest Technology

Discover emerging
technologies that can help accelerate innovation. Validate your preferred solutions and optimise your technology investments to uncover new ways for your business to meet tomorrows real-world challenges.

Outcomes based approach

Our Experts will work
along with you to defne and develop a digital transformation road map for your business.