We are Cisco‘s largest Perth-based Specialist Partner

We are a team of dedicated and focused Cisco experts.

We pride ourselves at using innovation, analytics and automation to deliver predictive services that solve problems before they impact your business, allowing you to seize every opportunity. We foster innovation and deliver excellence.

We are expert advisors, simplifiers, implementers and managers.


The network is a critical piece of infrastructure for all businesses. Optimise your network to deliver resilience and availability of your business demands.

Businesses are already experiencing heavy traffic on their network infrastructure as it aims to constantly improve agility, productivity and decision making in the digital era. Despite the great effort to improve services delivered, unfortunately, traditional networks are not designed nor optimised to support your grand plans.

One Network. R1i’s networking solutions are designed to demonstrate solid business value and support the needs of digital business initiative. We see the network as one entity, not disparate components. Make your network easier and improve access at the same time.

Do you work the same way you did 10 years ago?

Think about how the way you work has evolved. Chances are it’s no longer 9 to 5. And it’s not all in one office. Work today requires collaboration and involves teams spread across locations and even time zones. Agility is the key to long-term competitiveness in the digital age while making collaboration and communication simple for your teams.

Connect with anyone, anywhere, easily. Call, Message, Meet and Care – The four pillars of our Collaboration Services Practice provides our customers with solutions that help your people do what they do today, only easier.

On the Move?

Keep employees mobile, connected and productive with secure wireless networking.

While we view the network as a single component, each aspect comes with its own unique challenges. R1i have wireless and radio frequency specialists on hand to help our clients navigate even the most complex environments to provide access to your people and systems. From our years of experience deploying wireless solutions, we have built and refined the way that we approach deployment of these services, and can, therefore, guarantee that the delivery matches the expectation of the business.

Security above everything.

To embrace innovation without a significant increase in risk to your business, security can’t be an afterthought. It must be part of your mindset, an aspect of every technology decision. Today’s business environment is highly-interconnected, increasing an organisation’s probability of security challenges. Organisations must remain secure, vigilant, and resilient to both minimise risk and optimise new opportunities amid dangers.

At R1i, we have the right technology to help you prevent and tackle cyber-attacks before it hits the headlines. Our expert team of Security Consultants and Engineers focus on providing a holistic platform that gives you powerful visibility, high threat efficacy and simplified management, utilising automation to reduce the noise associated with effectively managing events.

Making infrastructure easier, connecting the clouds and ensuring the application is the star.

As a modern IT organisation, the challenge is to meet the needs of the digital business transformation while still supporting the traditional, monolithic applications that are the foundation of your business. You have to simultaneously embrace the traditional deployment model and the fluid nature of today’s multi-cloud deployments.

Today, IT organisations assemble their data centre environments from individual components. Their administrators spend significant amounts of time manually accomplishing basic integration tasks rather than focusing on more strategic, proactive initiatives. The industry is in a transition away from the rigid, inflexible platforms that result and moving toward more flexible, integrated, and virtualised environments. R1i Data Centre & Cloud solutions are designed to make life simpler.

Customer Success

We connect promise to reality by providing a holistic approach of implementation, training and support for your IT investments.


  • High-risk
  • Trying to hit a dream state day one
  • Complex
  • Long time to value realisation
  • Significant business change
Adoption Rate
Time to value increase
Knowledge acquisition
Measurable business change


  • Low-risk
  • Focused on your immediate need
  • Quicker to implement
  • Shorter time to value realisation
  • Manageable business change

No success without user adoption

IT investments are only worth time and effort when it serves people’s purposes. For example, if only 10 employees frequently use an enterprise collaboration tool when your company invested and paid for 100 licenses. Then, the purpose of breaking the silos and bringing people closer together might not have been well-fulfilled but if 90 people are constantly using it, imagine how much you are gaining back from your IT investments? It doesn’t matter how brilliant the technology is, without real usage and adoption, all our customer’s time and effort are in vain.

Underpinning everything we do, is our Customer Success Program, to help your people adopt, use and continually improve.

This is why we take Customer Success seriously, it is the primary guiding principle for everything we do at R1i. More than just an engagement, the concepts, models and frameworks, we empower and accompany our customers on their journey when deploying new technology.

The traditional approach to technology projects, with the big bang implementation followed by a mentality of ‘set and forget’ no longer works in today’s world. Organisations should approach technology initiatives with a continuous improvement approach, ensuring change is managed effectively to get the best return on investment.

When making your technology investment, you should understand the specific goals you hope to achieve today and how it might be able to support the strategic direction of your organisation. Our approach reduces the time and risk to implementation, helps your people adopt the technology quicker and works with you to drive continuous improvement so you continue to realise increasing value over time.

R1i star and laurel
Global Retail Franchise Group
Infrastructure Manager

R1i’s Security Platform delivers us unparalleled visibility into the threats and risks within our environment.  We now have the ability to enforce business policy while still remaining flexible to enable business growth.

R1i star and laurel
Global Mining Enterprise
Chief Information Officer

R1i’s expertise was evident from the beginning, they were engaged and focused on the strategic outcome being delivered around our Datacentre upgrade.

R1i star and laurel
National Engineering Company
IT Director

In an ever-changing threat landscape, R1i Customer success methodology gave us the piece of mind that the solution would be continuously improved, and our team could lean on R1i’s expertise and experience was critical to our joint success.

R1i star and laurel
Major Energy Provider
Chief Information Officer

R1i Assurance leaves me with the peace of mind that we achieved a sound investment. Ultimately providing a safe and secure environment for us to grow and flourish.

R1i star and laurel
Not-for-Profit Organisation
IT Manager

R1i was able to clearly articulate the plan and rollout out our new end to end collaboration suite with minimal disruption to the business.

R1i star and laurel
Global Retail Giant
IT Manager

The attention to detail and the deep technical expertise was a major factor in the success of the wireless deployment.