Cisco Security Experts

Cisco Security Experts

Security starts with our 5 P’s. Your profile, policy and process are the most important aspects of any organisations journey to protect their business.  Once we know this information about your organisation, we can map the right security technology to your needs and budget.

The risk posed to organisations from a security breach is high and it can seem daunting when trying to figure out how to tackle a beast you can’t see. The multitude of products and solutions which span the threat landscape is difficult to navigate and can get very confusing. At R1i, our structured approach makes it simple for our customers to effectively protect their business.

Our security solutions span the threat landscape so your organisation can gain powerful visibility that we can help you leverage as a foundation for us to design, implement and manage a holistic solution that addresses your specific needs. No enterprise is ever 100% safe from harm, so we help you understand how best to manage security ‘before, during and after’ to provide the ability to maximise the mitigation of this risk to your organisation.

In This Section

Our Security portfolio at a glance:

  • + Profile, Policy & Process Assessment
  • + Security Essentials – Firewall, Endpoint, Web, Email
  • + Ransomware Defence (Volume Threat Protection)
  • + End User Cyber Awareness
  • + Policy-based Access & Network Segmentation
  • + Network and Device Visibility
  • + Cloud Security & Access (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • + Authentication via Multifactor and One Time Password
  • + Single Sign-On