Enterprise Networking & Wireless

R1i’s networking solutions are designed to demonstrate solid business value and support the needs of digital business initiative. We see the network as one entity, not as separate components. Make your network easier and improve access at the same time.

R1i has expertise across the following solutions:
Cisco Secure SD-WAN with Viptela


Connect with anyone, anywhere, easily.

The four pillars of our Collaboration Services Practice – Call, Message, Meet and Care – provides our customers with solutions that help your employees do what they do daily.

R1i has expertise across the following solutions:

Webex Room Devices
  • Webex Teams Meetings
    • – Webex Assistant for Meetings
    • – Webex Assistant for Devices
    • – People Insights
    • – Facial Recognition
  • Cisco Collaboration System [CUCM]
  • Webex Calling
  • Contact Centre Express
  • Webex Contact Centre
  • Cisco Calling Meeting integration with MS Teams
  • Cisco IP Phones Softphones
    • – Integrated Meeting, Messaging Calling
  • Cisco Headsets



The Industry is in a transition away from the rigid, inflexible platforms that result in a monolithic architecture and is moving toward a flexible, integrated
and virtualised environment. From monolithic to minimal, from complex to simple, from isolated components to Hyper Convergence. The Datacentre is now fluid.

R1i Data Centre & Cloud solutions are designed to make life simpler.

R1i has expertise across the following solutions:

Cisco Hyperfex
  • Cisco Intersight
  • Cisco Workload Optimisation Manager
  • Cisco Tetration
  • Cisco ACI with Cloud Connectivity
  • Cisco Network Assurance Engine
  • Experience Applications Securely anywhere [EASY]
    • – See the integration of App dynamics, CWOM, CloudCenter Suite,
      Tetration and ACI.
  • Cohesity
  • App dynamics
  • APC Eco Struxure IT


Manage all devices on one cloud-platform.

R1i’s cloud-based solutions are secure and they allow you to manage all the devices connected to the network on one single platform. With the increase in hybrid work and remote work, a smart workspace is vital to ensure productivity and security. Optimize your IT network and make IT management more cost-effective.

R1i has expertise across the following solutions:

  • SD-WAN & Security
    • – WAN Assurance with Meraki Insight
  • Switching
  • Wireless
    • – Wireless Health
  • Smart Cameras
    • – Everyangle Solutions such as physical distancing controls
  • Mobile Device Management – Systems Manager Enterprise


Security above everything.

To embrace innovation without a signifcant increase in risk to
your business, security can’t be an afterthought. It must be
part of your mindset, an aspect of every technology decision.

R1i has expertise across the following solutions:

Cisco SecureX & Threat Response
  • Cisco Firepower NGFW
    • – Secure Remote Access with Anyconnect
  • Cisco Cloud Email Security
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection [AMP]
    • – AMP for Endpoints & AMP Everywhere
  • Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway
  • Cisco Umbrella Investigate
  • Cisco Security Connector for Apple
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • Cisco DUO
  • Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise
  • Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud
  • Cisco Security Awareness
    • – Phishing Simulation & Cyber Awareness Training
  • Cisco CyberVision



As the world becomes connected and we converge operational technology onto IP networks and connect more things, you need a partner that understands.
At R1i, we pride ourselves on helping customers navigate the converging worlds of IT and OT networks.
Traditionally, there was little digital communication between the enterprise network, which was dominated by IT, and the industrial network, which was OT’s domain. IT and OT teams typically did not collaborate unless there was a serious issue that required their combined expertise to solve, such as a security incident, system failure, or unplanned downtime.
As industrial networks and devices have migrated to Ethernet networking and TCP/IP technologies, OT and IT have started to work together. Unlocking the full potential of a converged and secure industrial network will require organization to create better alignment between its OT and IT teams.


Connect your IT and operational technology for maximum business impact and scale your digital transformation while streamlining operations, reducing costs and downtime.


Downtime is not an option. Choose agile and resilient solutions to help ensure that operations and supply chains stay up, even during disruptions


Shield all your distributed operations—from plant sensors to automation equipment to cloud tools. More visibility and control of suspicious traffc, policy violations, and corrupt devices



Cisco Industrial Networking Solutions (Switching & Routing)
• Cisco Industrial Wireless including Wif, LoraWAN, 4G and 5G
• Cisco Industrial Network Director
• Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard
• Cisco CyberVision ICS Security
• Cisco Edge Intelligence
• Cisco Connected Industry Solutions