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R1i’s Success Methodology



As the saying goes, if one fails to plan, one plans to fail. As part of the planning stage, an in-depth discovery is required to gain a better understanding of your pain points, desired outcomes, current processes, and stakeholders involved. These insights into your business will enable us to create integrated plans, such as use cases, roadmaps, communication strategy and training programs, which will help your business reach your desired outcome.



Planning brings no value without exceptional execution. In the absence of appropriate guidance, acquiring knowledge and adopting to new systems can be challenging, which could ‘make or break’ your IT initiatives. Using the Success Plan to guide execution ensures a successful business transformation and a well-trained team. We will start tracking relevant indicators and measurements to assess progress towards goals set as per plan, as well as gather feedback for improvement.



We understand business transformation evolves over time. These improvement areas will be identified during the execution phase and a ‘best way forward’ recommendation will be provided. We conduct regular meetings focused on reviewing your progress, KPIs, and product utilisation.

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